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Snoopy scout

Groups or organizations are an important part of some people’s lives. Why are groups or organizations important to people? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

It is sufficient to take a look to the notice board in a public library to discover a lot of different groups. There are study groups which help students taking exams, support groups which help people to cope with alcohol, or drugs addiction, literary groups of Ernest Hemingway fans, and so on. Reasons to join a group could be different. However, the most common reasons are basically three: to be not alone, to feel socially accepted, and to find people with shared interests.

First, some people think that to be part of a group makes them stronger than to be alone. This is definitely true when, for instance, you have to face a trial. A legal tool, the so-called “class-action”, helps groups of people obtaining economic compensation. It was created on purpose for a group of American citiziens who sued a company on pollution-related issues, as showed in the movie Erin Brokovich.

Furthermore, it is widely known that when you are part of a group, you easily find reasons and courage to do what you would never do by yourself. This could have positive and negative consequences. For example, some people find the strength to quit drinking thanks to groups of people that went through the same experience, like the Alcoholics Anonymous. However, other people start taking drugs under the influence of a group of peers. This is what happened to the German writer Christiane F., who started consuming heroin in order to be accepted by her group of friends.

In addition, a person can choose to be part of a group of people because of their love for the same things. That is why a website like Meetup exists. The goal of Meetup lies in its motto: “Find your people”. In other words, if you like going to the movies, the website connects you with people who go to the movies every day.

To summarize, people feel better in groups that make them comfortable.

My comments: I have never been part of a group (I do not know who I could vote, indeed). Therefore, this essay lacks in showing personal experience.