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How many ways to cook an egg do exist? Several, at least in the USA. The first time I opened the breakfast menu in a cafeteria, I was totally lost. “I just want a fried egg!”, my thought was. Here the ultimate egg-dictionary, an useful guide to know exactly which kind of egg my readers could find in their plates.

  • Sunny Side Up Egg – Cooked on only one side. The yolk (the red part of the egg) remains totally liquid;

Sunny side up eggs

  • Over Easy (or Over Light) Egg – Cooked on both sides, with the yolk more liquid than solid;

Over Easy Eggs

  • Over Medium Egg – Cooked on both sides, with the yolk more solid than liquid (usually more liquid at the centre);

Over Medium Eggs

  • Over Hard Egg – Cooked on both sides, with the yolk fully hard;

Over Hard Eggs

  • Hard Boiled Egg – Fully cooked by immersion in boiling water, with the shells unbroken;

Hard boiled Eggs

  • Poached Egg – Fully cooked in water, with no shells. The yolk seems dressed up with the white;

Poached egg

  • Scrambled Eggs – Whites and yolks mixed up; usually served with bacon.

Scrambled eggs