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You need to travel from home to a place 40 miles (64 kilometers) away. Compare the different kinds of transportation you could use. Tell which method of travel you would choose. Give specific reasons for your choice.

Snoopy Barone Rosso

In order to travel for 40 miles, you can choose among one of the following means of transportation: car, motorbike or train. I would definitely choose the train, because it is safer than the others. In any case, let us compare advantages and disadvantages of each possibility.

Choice number one: the car.

Using your own car presents a lot of positive aspects. First of all, you can choose when to leave by yourself. Secondly, you can arrive exactly where you want. On the other hand, you have to cope with parking problems. Sometimes you could be compelled to double parking your car, which may result in an expensive fine. In addition, during the rush hour you can easily run into a traffic jam and waste your time in line. For all the aforementioned reasons, I would try to avoid using the car for my trip.

Choice number two: the motorbike.

Even though traveling by motorbike could be charming, as the movie The Motorcycle Diaries shows, using the motorbike in everyday life presents a lot of negative aspects. The first and the most serious one, in my opinion, is the rising cost of the fuel. Furthermore, motorbike accidents are the worst compared to car collisions. My father, who is an orthopedic M.D., always says: “In a collision between a car and a motorbike, the second one has the most chances to die”. I am scared to death by the very thought of riding a motorbike. In addition, what if it is raining? At least a car is a dry place.

Choice number three: the train.

As far as I am concerned, the train is the more comfortable and convenient mean of transportation that I know of. In my country, a ticket for a regional train costs less than 10 Euros. Seats are large, and during the trip you can always watch the view from the windows. You cannot do the same thing traveling by car or motorbike, unless you are willing to put your life in jeopardy. However, the most important reason I find the train preferable is that I do not like driving. I prefer someone else driving me wherever I want.

As a conclusion, I would absolutely use the train for my trip. Considering ticket price, the distance I have to cover and the type of person I am, the train is the best choice for me.