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Looking for standard and non-standard English to listen? Have you sold all your DVDs with English subtitles to the local Tech History Museum to buy a tablet? Is your Netflix first month free just expired? Or maybe you’re fed up with Breaking Bad reruns (me, I am)? Don’t worry. There are plenty of online free resources to listen. Here’s the three I found more effective.

  1. TED Talks
TED Talks

“TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The set of conferences became annual in 1990

The greatest collection of videos with English subtitles on the web. Speakers talk about food, environment, education, politics, art, science and literature. Choose your favorite, put your headset on, and listen! New videos everyday.

2. Scientific American Podcasts

60-Seconds Science

Only 60 seconds to understand what the speaker is talking about. A great exercise!

Science, Earth, technology and space. These are the subject of the Scientific American podcasts, which always have the transcript available. I recommend those by Christopher Intagliata; his podcasts are informative, clear, and funny.

3. CNN website

CNN Live streaming

CNN Live streaming

The best news channel in the world live on your computer screen whenever you want, thanks to the section Watch Live TV. I strongly believe that news and movie trailers are the most difficult materials to understand in a foreign language, because they’re faster than every other type of communication. CNN Channel is the best way to make practice.