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A foreign visitor may consider the US as the junk-food homeland. And if we notice that in 2012 there were 14.157 McDonald’s restaurants in the country, maybe we conclude she is right. However, a short tour in any supermarket may be even more persuasive.

Pre-baked toasted pastries "with REAL strawberries"

Pop Tarts: Pre-baked toasted pastries “with REAL strawberries”

Nutter Butter Bites

Nutter Butter Bites: Sandwich cookies “with REAL peanut butter”

Fruit Gushers

Fruit Gushers: Sugar fruit snacks “with REAL fruit”

I always found slogans as “made with REAL fruit” or “made with REAL strawberries” very funny. They are very common. They implicitly suggest the consumer to avoid products “made with FAKE fruit”. Even such the idea is funny, isn’t it? Fake fruit. For example, fake apples.

It is widely know that Americans do not eat often fruit and vegetables. According to research, the US state with less fruit consumers is Oklahoma, where 50.2% adult residents admit to consume fruits and vegetables less than one time daily. On the black list there are also Arkansas (47.5%) and West Virginia (47.2%). Among the good guys there are instead New Hampshire, where only 30.3% adults don’t eat fruit at least one time a day, California (30.4%) and Vermont (31.4%).