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Do you agree that progress is always good? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Progresso Soup

No, “Progresso” Soups are not good. I mean, Traditional Beef is ok, but all the Vegeterian line of products is awful. However, the Creamy Mushrooms… Ok, let’s focus on TOEFL.

My grandmother considers computers as magical objects. While I was watching her talking with her sister in Australia through a popular instant messaging service, I was pondering on the fact that progress has always strongly and positively influenced our everyday life. History books confirm the positive evolution progression of humanity since the Stone Age to the Contemporary Age. This is true in a large spectrum of aspects, but particularly in two ones: technology and education.

First of all, it is widely accepted that progress and technology improvement are almost synonymous. Nowadays humanity can count on a long list of inventions, which would have been hard to imagine in the past. Two thousands years ago wheels did not exist, and now is part of every means of transportation. One hundred years ago people could die due to a flu, and now we have vaccines and national health systems in several countries. Fifty years ago only few people could buy a portable phone, and now people own more than one. All these examples demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that thanks to progress humanity has improved her condition from a wide range of points of view.

Secondly, as far as I am concerned, progress also means improvement in education. According to some statistics, the number of high-educated people have been constantly rising in every part of the world during the last years. Furthermore, even young boys from developing countries have now the possibility to learn to read and write. Besides, women can now go tho school in almost every part of the world. This is another clear benefit due to the progress.

As a conclusion, I strongly agree with the statement that the progress is always good. My belief is so strong that I cannot wait growing up in order to discover all the positive things provided by progress to my life.

(Dear Italian reader, yes, this is me. You know, the girl who loves the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi, the man who taught mankind how much silly is trusting future. However, TOEFL essay needs strong opinions. Remember: you can always lying. Therefore… Sorry, Giacomo)