Last time, we spoke about the best resources to improve your listening ability. In this post, I’ll present a list of extra resources matching them with one of the following different goals: learning, speaking and pronouncing English. As far as I am concerned, these three websites are the best resources available on the web.

1) QUESTION: Where should I go, in order to STUDY English?



English Videos is a wide free lessons collection. Over 800 videos about grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation tips, each one from five to 15 minutes long.

The best free tutorials I’ve found on the web, indeed. In addition, teachers are extremely funny, and the topic coverage is complete and not taken for granted. Examples? How to talk about crime (which explains the difference between being robbed and being mugged), and How to talk about your period (for ladies).

2) QUESTION: Where should I go, in order to SPEAK English?



Thanks to this website, you can get in contact with an English native speaker teacher. Even though this is not for free, prices are extremely moderated.

On Fluentify you can book a Skype session with an English native speaker teacher. You can choose him or her accordingly to your accent preference – teachers are from US, Australia, Scotland and so on – and plan your personalized syllabus. A session lasts half an hour and costs an average of 10 Euros (approximately 11$).

3) QUESTION: Where should I go, in order to IMPROVE MY PRONUNCIATION?



Go to “Sounds” and “Consonants” sections: they are for free!

Rachel is a former Opera singer who now teaches American English pronunciation on the web. Her website offers over 300 free videos about American English pronunciation and spoken English. You don’t know how to pronounce a Flap T? Rachel can help you.