Lucy is actually Lucia Maffei, an Italian freelance journalist passionate about the United States exploring and English learning.


See here her professional portfolio relating to her articles, interviews, videos and more. Contributes are both in Italian and English.


Three facts about my bio

  • I was born in Pisa, Italy.
  • I have been living two years in Milan, Italy.
  • Until March 19th, I am 26 years old.


Three facts about my education

  • M. A. in Italian language and literature, summa cum laude.
  • I completed a first-level postgraduate course at the “Walter Tobagi” Journalism school, Milan.
  • I am applying for graduate journalism schools in the United States.


Three facts about my work experience

  • I published more than 200 articles on both regional and national Italian newspapers.
  • I have a strong experience in news reporting, feature stories writing, blogging, video and audio editing.
  • In 2013 I won a GOOGLE scholarship for talented young tech reporters.


Three facts about my English knowledge

  • TOEFL score: 99 / 120 (on September 27th, 2014) and CAE grade C (June 2012)
  • I have never studied English during high school
  • I can not properly pronounce the word “although”


Three places where you can find me

  1. Twitter @maffei_lucia
  2. Instagram lucia.maffei
  3. aNobii Lucyinthewind


One extra thing…

Lucy’s English is not Lucy’s only blog. For a couple of years, Lucy has been written an Italian blog called AnxietyNews, a blog about global news, politics and culture from an anxious person point of view. AnxietyNews is still lively and updated. If you can read the Italian language and you want to take a look, here’s the link to the homepage.



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